LED Anti Mosquito

  • TWO in ONE (Free from Mosquitoes.)
      Two light' color option in a single bulb (Cool Daylight / Yellowish light).
      1st Turn On = Cool Daylight 9 watt. for daily activity.
      2nd Turn On = Yellowish light 6 watt anti-mosquito.
  • The 6 watt mosquito repellent light produces a yellowish light ( 530~590 nm ) which is not preferred by mosquito.
     The eyes of the mosquito are very sensitive to the yellowish light so that the mosquito will avoid the room or hide.
  • Save energy up to 90% compared with regular incandescent bulbs.
  • To change color, simply turn off and back on again in less than 6 seconds.
      (Light color will turn back to "Cool Daylight" if it let off for more than 6 seconds).
  • Can operate within 100 - 240 V.
  • Very good color rendering > 80.
  • No IR & UV radiation.
  • Frosted cover, impact resistant.
  • Long Life lamp up to 15'000 hours and Save Maintenance costs.
  • Low heat radiation


Product Technology Lampu LED dengan fungsi Anti Nyamuk.
Light Color 2 warna cahaya dalam 1 bola lampu
Lifetime 15'000 hours
Fitting E27
Product Material PC + Thermal Plastic
Effective Area 15 m2

Color Rendering Index (CRI) >80
Beam Angle 200º

Cool Daylight (CDL) 6'500 K
Anti Mosquito (Yellowish light) 530~590 nm


Voltage100 - 240 v / 50 - 60 Hz
Power Factor> 0.5


Watt Lumen (CDL) HEIGHT (mm) Diameter (mm)
9 806 120 60