Date : 06 April 2022

Choosing Lighting Devices Wisely

In this era, lamps are not only used as home lighting devices, but also as home decorations and decorations. You can now mix and match the shape of the lamp with the feel of the house you want. But you also have to adjust the lights you will choose according to your lighting needs. Here are some types of lamps that you can choose as a means of lighting in your home.

1. LED Light

The first type of lamp and is currently very widely used is the LED lamp. LED lamps, also known as Light Emitting Diodes, are lamps whose light source comes from a diode. This type of lamp does not use a filament and makes it very energy efficient and has a very long service life. A collection of lamp diodes will be assembled into a circuit and formed into a complete LED lamp. LED lights are very bright and can be used for various needs and make it a very flexible lamp for anyone.

Because of their various sizes, LED lights can also be used as lighting for motorized vehicles because of their bright light. However, this lamp has the disadvantage that the light is difficult to focus on and is more fluorescent than ordinary lamps.

2. Incandescent Lamp

Incandescent lamps are the earliest generation of lamps that exist today. This lamp still uses tungsten which is heated to produce light output. Inside, the tingsten filament is generally mixed with nitrogen gas or in a vacuum. The higher the voltage from the incandescent lamp, the more heat it will emit when used.

The main advantage of incandescent lamps is that they are suitable for use with dimmers to adjust the brightness of the lamp. Incandescent lamps can be used for your home in order to create a traditional or classic impression at home.

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