HSC 074 3m Chicago

    Product Features & Benefits:

  • Use a high-quality Grounding Plug.
  • Can operate at a voltage of 100-240V.
  • Using high-quality cable.
  • Can be installed with various methods and positions.
  • Equipped with shutter for additional security.
  • Using heat-resistant and high-durability material.
  • Equipped with grounding (Earthing).
  • Extra distance to apply wide plug or large adapter.
  • The position of the switch is designed for convenient use and easy storage.
  • Uses dual terminal technology to cut off power to both terminals (total outage) when turned off.
  • Equipped with a switch and indicator lights.
  • Available : HSC 073 3m Chicago, HSC 074 3m Chicago, & HSC 075 3m Chicago.